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Ce5 Citizen Report serves as an introduction to Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. Contact encounters from people initiating peaceful contact to include the stories from beyond. Ce5 Citizens Report is a safe haven for citizens to share their encounters, be inspired and connect to the community. Share your story and learn from others on their journey. Exchange ideas, knowledge, insights and inspiration. Get to know those who are making contact in this human/ ET initiative. Hosting citizens experiences and talking with those in the field, open minds and eyes up in the sky.
Close encounters of the fifth kind, also known as CE-5, refers to intentional, mutually voluntary human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial beings. The term was coined by Dr. Steven Greer, an American emergency physician and ufologist who founded the Disclosure Project, an organization dedicated to the disclosure of alleged UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters.

The concept of close encounters of the fifth kind differs from the other four types of close encounters as defined by astronomer and ufologist J. Allen Hynek in his 1972 book "The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry." According to Hynek's classification system, close encounters of the first kind are sightings of a UFO at a distance, close encounters of the second kind are sightings of a UFO up close, close encounters of the third kind are sightings of an alien or extraterrestrial beings, and close encounters of the fourth kind are physical encounters or abduction of humans by extraterrestrial beings.

CE-5, on the other hand, involves human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial beings through the use of meditation, prayer, or other forms of communication. Proponents of CE-5 argue that it is possible to establish communication with extraterrestrial beings through consciousness and the use of intention and focused thought. Some individuals claim to have had successful CE-5 encounters, while others believe that such encounters are purely fictional or the result of hallucination or delusion. The idea of close encounters of the fifth kind has been controversial and has received criticism from some within the scientific community. However, we hope you find out for yourself and  make up your own mind.

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