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CE5 Tools & Resources

 A few Downloads, Tips and Tools to help you on the journey. 

"Logic will get you from A to B.. Imagination will take you everywhere."  
Albert Einstein


All things related to human initiated ET contact in one place.

This website is built by many, accessible to all and meant to empower each of us through unity.

It connects groups from all around the world and presents diverse information related to contact in one, central spot.

Cielia Hatch

Author of A Ce5 Handbook, Cielia has made multiple translations for all to enjoy and benefit from. Also, check out Cielias' Youtube channel, How To See A UFO and others works including the ET Contact Hub.

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Mark Koprowski

Co-Author of A Ce5 Handbook, Mark works to facilitate Contact across the planet. Visit Ce-5 Tokyo and find out how people are coming together. Ce-5 Tokyo can also be found on the
ET Contact Hub 

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